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Hello! This is an incomplete, work-in-progress list of notable Pokemon in the metagame and their most commonly seen Tera types, and is meant to give players an idea of what to expect to face and what they can use on their own teams. Since both PU itself and the Terastallization mechanic itself are in their infancies, there's still no general consensus on which Tera type is the best for each Pokemon. Tera types are extremely team- and matchup-dependent, and the best Tera type for a particular Pokemon on your team might not be listed here. This list will keep being updated as we learn and witness new/notable Tera strategies.

Bolded types are particularly notable/common in the metagame, the order of other Tera types is arbitrary. Pokemon are listed in alphabetical order - not every viable Pokemon is on this list as some, like Shroodle and Toedscool, almost never utilize the Tera mechanic themselves. Expect the list of Pokemon to be updated once viability rankings are released. Feel free to message me here/on PS (rien)/on Discord (roy#4540) if you have any suggestions, questions, or noticed any mistakes.

:ampharos: Ampharos: Electric, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost
:banette: Banette: Ghost, Dark
:basculin: Basculin: Water, Rock
:beartic: Beartic: Ice, Water, Fighting
:cacturne: Cacturne: Ground, Fighting, Dark, Grass, Fire
:camerupt: Camerupt: Water, Grass, Dragon, Fire
:carkol: Carkol: Ghost
:crabominable: Crabominable: Electric, Water, Fairy, Fighting
:dartrix: Dartrix: Ghost, Steel
:dragonair: Dragonair: Normal
:drakloak: Drakloak: Ghost, Dragon
:dugtrio: Dugtrio: Ground, Fire, Ice
:electrode: Electrode: Water, Ground
:falinks: Falinks: Fighting, Ghost, Steel
:flapple: Flapple: Dragon, Grass
:frogadier: Frogadier: Water
:gabite: Gabite: Ground, Dragon, Ghost, Steel
:glaceon: Glaceon: Ice, Water, Ground, Ghost, Fighting
:glimmet: Glimmet: Ghost
:gogoat: Gogoat: Rock, Water, Grass, Fairy, Electric, Ground
:golduck: Golduck: Water
:grumpig: Grumpig: Fairy, Ground
:hattrem: Hattrem: Fairy, Ghost
:haunter: Haunter: Ghost, Fairy, Fighting
:hippopotas: Hippopotas: Dragon
:houndoom: Houndoom: Dark, Fire, Grass, Fairy
:indeedee-f: Indeedee-F: Psychic, Ground, Water
:jumpluff: Jumpluff: Flying
:leafeon: Leafeon: Grass, Normal, Fire
:lilligant: Lilligant: Rock, Fire
:luxray: Luxray: Normal
:lycanroc-midnight: Lycanroc-Midnight: Rock, Fighting
:magneton: Magneton: Ground, Water, Ice, Flying
:masquerain: Masquerain: Ghost, Water
:misdreavus: Misdreavus: Fairy, Ghost, Fighting
:oinkologne: Oinkologne-M: Ghost
:oinkologne-f: Oinkologne-F: Ghost
:perrserker: Perrserker: Water, Fairy, Flying, Fighting
:pincurchin: Pincurchin: Water
:pyroar: Pyroar: Fire, Normal, Dark
:quaxwell: Quaxwell: Water, Grass, Flying, Dragon
:rabsca: Rabsca: Bug, Ground
:raichu: Raichu: Flying, Water
:rotom-fan: Rotom-Fan: Electric, Ground, Rock
:sawsbuck: Sawsbuck: Normal
:scovillain: Scovillain: Fire, Grass, Ground
:skuntank: Skuntank: Dark, Poison, Flying, Ground
:sneasel: Sneasel: Ice, Dark
:squawkabilly: Squawkabilly: Normal, Flying, Ground
:stonjourner: Stonjourner: Rock, Fighting
:tinkatuff: Tinkatuff: Ground, Dragon
:tropius: Tropius: Ground, Steel
:vespiquen: Vespiquen: Ghost
:vigoroth: Vigoroth: Ghost, Water, Fairy, Poison
:vivillon: Vivillon: Ground, Steel, Fighting, Electric
:wugtrio: Wugtrio: Water, Fire
:zweilous: Zweilous: Steel, Fairy, Ground, Fire
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